Monthly Archives: September 2012

There are some monumental things going on around here lately. My baby is turning two here shortly and my big boy just started pre school. I decided that it was high time for a little photo shoot of our own. My boys are my world and I absolutely adore them. They keep me moving but I couldn’t ask for more. I never knew how much I could love someone until I became their mom. Love you boys! Love Mama… 

This little woman is gorgeous! I guess I shouldn’t say she’s little. It’s not often that I look up to girls being the 5’10 that I am. But I did with her, she has legs that go on for miles. Lucky girl! Enough to make anyone jealous! 

Brooke wanted to go somewhere with lots of background options. I think we succeeded. Which meant lots of switching things around. I couldn’t believe how good her boys were through it all. Such cute little lovies! 

These guys are so perfect together it’s crazy! The first time I heard this song was from Courtney sending it to Taylor on Facebook. So I thought it only fitting to put their pictures to this song.

I Won’t Give U

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